Option to disable Audio Interface, IOS can't handle more than one. (OP-1 Field)

The problem:

I’m running an iPad based little studio system, and it doesn’t like to have multiple audio interfaces connected. One of them will always become the primary one, and I’m not sure how it chooses which, and I don’t think you can override it.

My audio interface (Livetrak L-8) has 12 inputs and 4 outputs, and is what I want to use… I still want the OP-1 connected through usb for midi however!

Currently this is not possible, so I can’t sync/control the OP-1’s midi from my sequencers and keyboards.

Not sure if possible, but if there would be a software update for OP-1 Field that gave this option to turn audio interface off, that would be amazing. Or am I missing something?

u would think the ipad (much like a computer does) would have the option to choose which is your audio input and output.

doesn’t the ipad just choose the last thing u connected? or na?

does your interface have midi connections u could tap into?

Why not just sync Midi over BlueTooth instead of wired. Works great.

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