Options for cv or time sync

So I’m not even sure if Oplab ever came out. I see people using it and it was announced months ago but still I have no idea if it is even possible to get one or when it will be available. I want to be able to use my Op-Z with my eurorack, however, the only way I have found to sync them is by using usb from opz into ableton and setting tempo there. If I try to record from the opz’s output while the usb is plugged in it makes a horribly loud buzz. The buzzing is so loud it is basically unusable.

I would really love a way to use the OP-z as a sequencer sending cv and gate signals but from what I can tell that is not possible now. Is there anyway to properly sync the tempo from the opz and avoid that loud buzz? I am currently connecting my op-z and minibrute 2(which can communicate with the modules) by usb to my pc.

You can disable usb power loading.
With a midi to cv gate you can use your modular
For that u need a usb to midi cable
U can read the manual for how to connect.

Can you give me more information? In the manual I cannot find anything on disabling power loading through usb. Do you know the page or can you link? Any recommendations on midi-cv/gate modules or devices that work well with OP-Z? I don’t see any listed under compatible devices in the manual… which I am reading.

Manual chapter 1.2 battery. How to disable power while using usb
I think you can use any midi cv gate converter.
I use oplab module and when using usb i use Roland a 01 or Roland sh 01a.

Thank you so much. I will try disabling the power and see if I can’t actually get some use out of this thing.

if turning off the usb charging doesn’t work
get a ground loop isolator they are pretty cheap and work like a charm for this