OPZ and Koala Sampler


I would like to control and sync Koala Sampler with the OPZ but I can’t find a way to do it. I thought Audiobus would work but the result was very glitchy.

Anyone managed to use these 2 together?


generally speaking i think the go to is AUM
but why not just connect // control them directly?
u dont really need an intermediate app just to sync MIDI and AUDIO


Plug in the OP-Z in with a Camera Kit Adapter (or USB-C cable if you have a newer iPad), tell the OP-Z to send MIDI and MIDI Clock, and tell Koala to Receive External Clock. Then map your keys to the pads, map your dials to the effects, and get moving! You’ll want to keep Koala’s Input Monitoring disabled to avoid feedback, and you may want to mute a track’s audio if you only need it for MIDI. (Mix + Shift + [track 1-16]).

I did this a while ago and used Track 4 to control Koala. You can also use the Module track, but you don’t get Step Components.

It’s a little bit of work to set up, but this configuration will allow you to sample from the OP-Z into Koala AND use the OP-Z’s sequencer to trigger Koala. Let me know if you run into issues.


Thanks a lot, this is what I was trying to do but Koala didn’t react to the OPZ mapping. I managed successfully to do it with a Digitakt but wanted to have a more portable setup.

I will try again though if it worked for you!

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I just double-checked to make sure it still works and I had an issue where Koala was receiving audio but not MIDI. I force-closed Koala, left the OP-Z plugged in, and re-launched Koala and now everything is working again. Hopefully it helps!


It was plug and play by using Koala Sampler. I did this cool demo (I think at least) with this setup :

Very nice workflow