OPZ and Squid (iConnect Saves the Day)

So last night I had a change to hook the Squid up to the OPZ and it was like stuck notes and all kinds a weird stuff. Finally used the iConnectivity Midi hub to filter out the weird stuck notes between the Squid and the OPZ. If you played the Arp with Squid the notes would stick. Any of the synths would have stuck notes. Then as we programed the drum parts it would miss notes like crazy.

Cant say we know why, but I do know that IConnect’s stuff is a great work around solution for anything that doesn’t work well with midi or usb midi.

you may check the Midi In/out settings on both machines. sounds like a typical midi echo situation. maybe the squid has midi through enabled.

otherwise you could check out this one:

Yea the settings in the OPZ just make the squid worse.
You for sure need to filter it out with something. Plus when I finished using the squid with the OPZ
the OPLabZ brink didn’t work and I had to factory reset my OPZ. Just in case anyone is looking to
use the two together.

does your instagram post have the squid?

no, but it will interconnect all USB midi gear without any hassle, stable and tight. + full blown pure data and respectively the Organelle patches running in real-time (all cpu can be used by pd, quadcore) which results in low audio and no crackles! :fire:

cool I was wondering about MIDI and why the oplabz crashes after use with Squid. Which is making the OPZ freak out over MIDI not usb. thanks for chiming in though.

was just seeing if anyone else had MIDI issues with OPZ and stuck MIDI notes not over usb.

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