Opz app crashes whenever I go to kick track

With an iPad or iPhone, both with the most recent operating systems keep crashing when I go to the kick track. Since the Bluetooth connection doesn’t work, I connect the two with the te cable and the Apple usb to lightening connector.

Have you changed any system settings or midi after the most recent update? The kick track has always been a trouble with midi for me (everything off and no cc to trigger and I still get some random triggers…only channel 1).

I have had a similar problem. I could connect fine to both bluetooth and usb but when I switched to trs midi I crashed twice on the kick track. I was using photmatic video through bluetooth and trs through a midi 4+ and I’m guessing that was just too much.

Curious if you have found anything new about this issue.

Haven’t changed anything. The app has to be connected by cable since a previous iOS update. Otherwise nothing is changed. I have to turn the opz off and on again in order to reconnect with the app.it doesn’t seem to happen with the synth tracks, but sometimes does with the other sampler tracks. The kick track is the only one where it pretty much always happens.

Do you happen to use AUM? I have had connections issues in the op-z app but aum can handle all the midi routings including bluetooth to run in background. you can also recording the incoming stereo signal and the 16 midi tracks when using usb. transport works as an audio/midi interface in cubasis, audiobus, aum and auria pro.

I have ios 13 so if you are 14 it may be a different issue. but you may be able to fiddle with one of those daw apps to get a bluetooth connection and run in background.

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I haven’t used AUM. I will try it, but it seems odd if this is happening, but not for other people. Thank you.