OPZ App issue

Hi guys. I am having an issue with the OP-Z app. I have tried on 2 different ipads, and I’m having the same issue. Not a big deal, but the motion track only has 1 choice, it’s the one where the guy is sitting in front of the control panel. None of the buttons respond when pushed. I can only zoom in and out/left and right with 2 dials. I cannot change to any of the other visuals. The number 1 is lit, and the first note is lit. No other options. Also when I use the tape track, the lines displayed above the tape don’t react to sound. When I watch videos of others using it, those lines dance around like a waveform. Mine don’t react at all. This was working before the latest firmware update, though I am not sure if it stopped working after updating, I didn’t try to use it for some time after upgrading. Anyone else experience this? Thanks in advance for any advice.

It seems factory resetting my OP-Z resolved the issue. Posting in case someone else has this issue.

Do the tape track graphics do all their stuff now too? - Red section extending to represent length of sample etc?


Yes, believe so. I am getting the “waveform” graphic on the tape track, the motion track is working, and I am now seeing the performance effects graphics as well. None of that was working.