Opz as audio interface with io module and AUM

what I am trying to do here is:

Ipad running AUM connected through usbc. OPZ with line io module steering the 0 coast by midi, audio back into the opz. headphones plugged into the opz.

drums and sounds from opz into AUM, sounds from 0coast through fx from opz into AUM, auv3 sounds from AUM, all monitored through headphones plugged into the opz.

the problem I am having is, that when I use opz fx on the 0coast, they also apply to the auv3 sounds from the ipad. is there a way to have the usbc audio dry while keeping the fx on the audio in?

I don’t think so. The USB-C audio connection takes a stereo sum of everything from the OP-Z, so you can’t separate them.

I believe the Line module on the OP-Z with it’s Line In/Out functionality is purpose-built for having “dry” or isolated tracks sent out of the OP-Z; you may need to switch up connections if you wish to get what you’re wanting to happen.

This is obviously and probably the most expensive solution, but having a TX-6 connecting via USB-C to an Ipad, and then mixing cables up between the 0coast and OP-Z could achieve what you’re looking for.

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somebody using the M-1 with the Line Module?

I want to send Microphone USB Audio from my IPad thru the OP-Zs Control Track and out of the Line Module back into the Headphones.

but I can’t switch the CUE send on for the control track and that doesn’t let me monitor my Voice thru the Boom Mic to Voicesynth Pro and back on my shells. :see_no_evil:


otherwise iam having ear damaging feedback loops with AUM and every configuration with the Z.

I thought it would be a breeze to use these neat headphones connected to the Z as MIC Input and Monitored Audio INCLUDING the processed Voice.

why is it Feedbacking this crazy?

It works as a Vocoder setup aswell…:lion: