OPZ - backing up projects and presets?

Was wondering if any beta testers or anyone in the community could shed any light on the below queries?

When you back up the contents of the OPZ (assuming via computer), do you export the entire contents (ie all 10 projects along with presets and global effect data etc ) or do you just export 1 project at a time which would allow you to ‘mix and match’ projects on the device to compile a set list?

Which leads me to a second question around how the preset information is stored on the device. From what I understand the OPZ will have the presets stored globally across the 10 projects - so regardless of what project or pattern I’m in, I’m assuming that bank 1, slot 1 for the synth lead track will always be ‘lead synth1’.

Let’s say I make some patterns etc that utilise ‘lead synth1’ sound across my Projects. Let’s then assume I fill all the empty pattern slots and export the contents onto the computer for storage.

I then clear all of the patterns etc on the device to make new music. Bored of the synth sounds that I’ve already used, I could also rearrange some of the synth presets and swap out ‘lead synth1’ from bank 1 / slot 1 and replace it with a new preset, let’s say one called ‘sexy synth’.

If I then decide to load back into the OPZ one of my previous patterns that I had backed up, does it mean that any usage of the ‘lead synth1’ sound will now be replaced by ‘sexy synth’ sound?

I hope this makes sense, and apologies for the long winded example, but it was the only way I could articulate my query.


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Each project has it’s own file that stores all of the pattern data, so you can mix and match projects. That said, you’re correct on the 2nd point, the project tracks will point to a specific plug slot, so if you change that instrument it will change in the patterns using that slot. The plugs are stored in folders per track with subfolders per slot.

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I made a backup today before proceding with a factory reset. For the backup I copied the whole content of the OP-Z. After finishing the factory reset and restoring the backup, all the presets I had where gone. Anyone experienced the same? Have I done something wrong in the process?

Yes, you can’t import the userPreset.dat if there’s not already one. so after a factory reset you need to save at least one preset, the OP-Z will create the userPreset.dat and you will be able to overwrite it :v:


Thanks @electrafa , i will try that.

from what i expericenced :

  • the pattern stores its own presets in the project file.
  • the track points to a specific file name (sample or synth engine), not to a slot number.
  • so, as long that you make the changes into the app, you can rearrrange samples and engines it won’t affect existing projects.
  • you can also remove the factory samples and synth engines from the slots, they will remain in the memory and projects will keep using them.
  • of course if you rename a sample that’s already used in a project, it won’t find it.