OPZ Bug? Glitch? User Error?

Hello all.

I bought an OP-Z on eBay last week. I love it. But there’s an issue that keeps happening, and I’m wondering if it’s an issue with the machine or I’m somehow causing this to happen:

Every so often, it seems like it gets stuck. The green led near the power button gets bright and is solid. The track will play and I can play notes but when you try to go to another track or record or anything nothing happens. It just stays like that. After maybe a couple minutes or sometimes more, the green light goes off and I’m able to move through functions normally.

Is this normal? I can’t imagine it would be. Most of the time, I just turn it off and back on again. This resolves it, but it is happening kind of frequently. Am I putting it into some kind of mode without knowing?

I’ve factory reset it and it still seems to do it.

I want to know if it’s a hardware thing or what, so I know if I should return it.

Thank you for your help!

Maybe you have a pulse hold step component on the master track or the affected track. Hold shift and look for green sequencer trigs.

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Thanks. I’ll try that next time it happens. Appreciate the reply!

What green led? Do you mean the microphone led? If so, that’s the problem.

I think that while the microphone is active (so the green led is on) you can’t do much with your tracks.

Sorry for my english, anyway you should look this: https://teenage.engineering/guides/op-z/microphone

Maybe the green led is the microphone led?
If so, that’s the problem, you have to put the opz in a position where the microphone is not activated.
You can read more here:

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That’s probably it! I was using it in bed and I probably tilted it and activated the mic. That makes a lot of sense after reading that. I feel dumb haha. Thanks for the reply!

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To be honest, I think the accelerometer range was expanded with the sampling update. Seems like the mic is activated at less of a tilt than before.

I have to tilt it more than 45 degrees before the microphone is activated

Thanks all. I’m not sure if I was tilting too much or what, but it’s not happening anymore.

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