nothing but the OPZ this time. One Take recording of pattern chaining and master track effect jamming with some live muting and pattern switching as well.

So, so good.

Ace, really loved it

Thank you for the kind words friends. :slight_smile:

great stuff! I watched one of your stream vids and it was very interesting. You should talk a little bit about your workflow here. I’m curious if you did some track sampling, down to bits and re-injected in the opz, – I got the feel that’s a core part of your workflow (from your stream) and its cool to hear about all that stuff! :slight_smile:

Its very professional sounding too – maybe thats a good topic for your stream one day, like mastering… or maybe just how you handle separating the sounds so its crispy and not muddy like so many tracks can get.

Great track!

My op-1 actually got worried for a moment :0)
Really lovely track! Love your style with the tape rewinds (first time it’s worked 4 me) and the whole track sounded gorgeous.