Opz into keystep - no midi output to external synth

I’m trying to hook up my opz to my keystep via a USB c to micro cable, then connect the midi out of the keystep into a midi sound module (Integra 7). Everything powers up and the keystep can play both the sound modules sounds via the midi out and the opz sounda via the usb cable. The keystep even received midi clock, because the arpeggiator syncs up to the op. But I’m wanting to use the sequencer on the opz to control the Integra 7 and I can’t get the keystep to send the opz sequencer midi out of the keystep midi out and into the Integra 7.

Any help or ideas would be a huge help.

the keystep needs a midi thru which will pass the midi received to the midi output

sometimes this is a dedicated midi port but it doesn’t look like the keystep has one

this is probably something that can be turned on/off in the control center software
if it has this type of function that is

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Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I thought a midi thru might be what I needed to set up. I’ll try that change and let you know if everything works as expected. Thanks?

This worked to get the opz output to the keystep midi output. Thanks!!!