OPZ Kick Track no midi output?

Hey guys, I’ve synced up a Model:Cycles unit to my opz, all the tracks can send midi to the cycles except for the kick track, even when I set it to a different channel it still doesn’t output anything, I have tried this on my microfreak as well and all the other tracks (no matter the channel) can output midi but the kick can’t.

I had a look at the midi.json file and all the midi tracks are set to true except 0. Is 0 the kick track? or is there something I’m missing here?

Thanks in advance!

Yes 0 is the kick track :slight_smile: set that to true and see if that works

Totally worked! Thanks man. Was puzzled for ages why it wasn’t workin, or why kick is set to false by default?

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Yay! Glad it worked :slight_smile: not sure why it wouldn’t be all true by default though…