OPZ <-> Korg Volca Modular : creating new sounds for opz

Hi all, let give me your welcome here with my new OPZ , I’ll appreciate.
My question: I’d like to create new sounds (samples) to upload to my OPZ using the West Coast Style Semi-Modular Synth by Korg, named Volca Modular.
I’ve hacked the Korg Modular exctracting MIDI RX / TX / 3.3V / GND from the main board in order to send/receive MIDI with my OPZ.
I’ve not the OPLAB (not yet).
Have you any idea about how to connect OPZ and MIDI interface 3.3V of Korg Volca Modular ?
May be using the USB/MIDI IN or USB/MIDI OUT cable ?
Or is it mandatory using CV / SYNCH / GATE signals through the OPLab ?
Is the OPLab only 5Volts ? Korg is 3.3V only.
Thanks a lot for helping me understanding…

if u have a class compliant usb to midi din interface
u can just plug that into the usb port and it transmits/receives midi that way also
(with a USB-C to USB-A adapter)

i had success w/ the iconnect mio but there are plenty of class compliant interfaces out there

Thank you <> for your reply.
Let me ask a further question:
Volca Modular do not have a MIDI connector on the front panel, the 4 pins “MIDI RX, TX, 3.3V, GND” are shown on the main board and I’ve them available now externally.
I’ve the MIDI IN / OUT <-> USB cable, as you suggested.
But do you you think I need to connect directly my cables from the Volca Modular or do I need some components in between?
On the web it’s not so clear this sort of customization.
Can you help me?
Thanks a lot

u could directly connect them
or u could get a MIDI DIN port and solder the wires to the port in the correct fashion

then u could hook it up with a midi cable

u could also hook up a TRS jack instead of a MIDI DIN port

theres tons of tutorials out there showing the MIDI OUTPUT mod
that should help u get an idea

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It works, thanks.
To step-up input to Volca Modular (only 3.3V) it’s required a little circuit with a 6n139 octocoupler IC.

nice glad u got on! didn’t realize that the volca modular lacks the one midi port that all the other volcas have

Yes! It’s working as expected as MIDI OUT, too (with the step up circuit):

  • I can run the opz sequencer using the tracks I need (Kick, Snare, Bass, Lead, Chord, Arp), using the Lead on Channel 1 to run the Volca whose 16 step further sequencer run sychronized using synthetized sounds, as a second Melodic Lead or as a Multi-Percussion.
  • I can generate sounds using Volca Modular Synth sampling them to OPZ …
    That’s was I wanted.
    Of course I can play OPZ using Volca Modular Sequencer or keyboard because 3.3V is detected by the OPZ as MIDI IN.
    Yes, Volca Modular has MIDI 4 pins hidden inside on the main board ready to connect outside, with voltage levels adjustments.