OPZ MIDI controlling jog wheels on DJ app, cant get it to work right

Hi pals.

It occurred to me that pairing the op-z as a midi controller with the DJ app that I use sometimes (djay Pro 2), would be super good compact rig, as those lil smooth rotary encoders are like itsy bitsy jog wheels which could be perfect for controlling my decks.

I have a problem though: when I map the O P Z, no matter what settings I have tried changing, the behaviour is not workable. what seems to happen is that no matter which way I turn the encoders the track will scrub one way or the other. There are several options in the MIDI settings of djay Pro 2, (ie. Setting the control as endless, rotary, fader, button, etc, then some of these have additional options like speed and acceleration if I remember correctly) and I’ve tried fiddling with these, which changes the result, but nothing is usable.

There are three possible solutions that I have in mind.

Number one is if I can put the opz into some kind of MIDI controller mode where the encoders will output pure endlees rotary information. At the moment it just seems to be basically doing it’s opz thing while also putting out MIDI information… this feels clunky because I would be essentially editing a project while all I want to do is control DJ Pro. I know I can turn off autosave, but obviously this is a workaround and not an elegant solution. I know beggars can’t be choosers though, haha, and I’ll be happy with whatever best gets me going.

Number 2 is if there’s some sort of midi program which can translate dop sets MIDI output to something workable for djay Pro 2.

The third possible solution is that the encoders will output different information depending on which mode I’m in… They don’t seem to be outputting endless encoder information, rather, based on their behaviour, I assume they’re outputting the values that correspond to where they are at between 0 and 127.

Any ideas on this are appreciated.

Maybe in the future the op z will get an update with a midi controller mode.
Just like the sampler mode. I am waiting for a dual screen mode where you can use the app for editing while projecting the motion on a big screen, there will be loads of new features!

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i always find using a midi monitor program on your computer helps suss out these issues.

will at the very least help u see what midi cc’s // messages the Z is spitting out
and then hopefully help u match up to what your dj app is looking for.

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easiest way to monitor is PD for me and of course the OP-Z App and the Midi settings.

where you can decide which Controller sends it’s respective CC but unfortunately there’s no way to use the encoders as endless rotarys!
Op-1 Midi Mode—endless Encoder behavior :wink:

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the one i use for macOS is just called Midi Monitor

it has saved me numerous times when i was in some kind of MIDI predicament

i’m sure theres lots of free applications for all platforms

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Good advice! Yeah I think I use that same midi monitor (not Infront of Mac rn)

Yeah the op1 would probably give the functionality of endless encoder, but I want to feel like a gargantuan DJ with those eetsy beetsy jog wheels :joy::joy::joy: :headphones::wheel_of_dharma::wheel_of_dharma::wheel_of_dharma::elephant::elephant::elephant:

If you’ve got an iPhone the (free) midi monitor app MidiScope is also handy and just plugs straight in thro the camera connect cable

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Thanks guys! I think the main rodablock is that although the encoders are endless, they don’t output endless MIDI data.

Hi, guys!
You inspired me to make a little utility that allows you to use opz knobs as jog wheels. All of you can DM me to take a free copy of it!