Opz midi in track channels

I really apologize if this has already been answered so feel free to just point me in the direction of the proper thread. I won’t have the chance to test this for myself until tomorrow and in my brain I’m really just trying to understand as I got my opz last week:

I see in the manual that you can change each tracks midi out channel, but my question is about midi in. Can anyone tell me what each tracks default midi in channel is set to and is it possible to change these channels? Is it the same as the out track channels? Like I said I just don’t have the chance until tomorrow to test it out for myself. Thanks in advance

I just tested briefly. MIDI IN always matches the position of the track on the device. If you change the kick to output on channel 2 in the app as opposed to 1, it still accepts MIDI IN on channel 1.

That said, there are some other things to consider:
1.) If you turn on “Channel 1 to active track”, whatever track you’re on, on the OP-Z, will accept MIDI in over channel 1.
2.) If you turn on “MIDI echo”, the OP-Z will send MIDI back from the OP-Z on the same port it receives.

Hope that helps!

@defn Ok thanks so much. So kick midi in is channel 1, snare is 2, percussion is 3, sample is 4, bass is 5, etc?


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Thank you very much for taking your time to respond to me I appreciate it

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So is it possible to configure midi in a way that allows me to use a button on my nanokey/keystep/whatever midi device that can act like the shift key on the OP-Z? I noticed the other day that if I pressed sustain on a nanokey 2 it would turn P1 down to zero when the lights are white. Can’t work out which value in the manual even refers to the shift key as it doesn’t seem to be mentioned. Also would I need to do any configuration of the midi keyboard used or would I just need to change midi on the OP-Z? Soz if the answer is obvious but I hate all this midi messing but it seems to have become essential when using new gear. Would love to get the shift function on my keyboard too to keep interaction with those lame buttons down to a minimum.