OPZ newbie questions (pattern chains and full backup)

Hi all

I got an OP-Z and coming from OP-1 I’m still trying to understand a few things. After reading manual and watching Cuckoo tutorials and using it a bit, I’m left with just a couple of questions…maybe you experts can help me out? :slight_smile:

  1. is it possible to chain patterns just for one track? For example I want to make a chain of pattern 1 and 2 for kick and snare tracks, but then I want the CH track to play just pattern 1 (at its own different speed)…is that something possible? This patterns and tracks thing is a bit confusing still…

  2. how can I do a full backup of the OP-Z? I loaded on it some samples from my OP-1, it all worked, but then when I connect again the OP-Z to the computer, the samples files I added are ‘substituted’ by a file with same name, a ~ in front of it, and size zero (so I suppose is a link to the real sample, like with the synth engines). So how do I backup all the OP-Z contents (settings, projects, samples, presets etc.etc.)?

Thanks a lot for any help you’ll be able to give me :slight_smile:


  1. I don’t think that’s possible. For the same reason that you can’t have two patterns in the same project at different tempo. You could probobly get something like what I think you are trying to do by having the kick and snare track length be set to 2 or 4 bars while the chord track is still set to 1 bar. Step components are another cool way of programming build ups and break downs while staying within a limit of a 16 step loop.
  2. Full backup, is just like the op-1. boot into content mode, and copy everything. to a folder on your computer. To restore a backup just copy the folders back.
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thanks for your suggestions:

  1. I actually tried for example having 3 patterns for a track (lead in this case), first two 16 steps long, the last one only 8 steps long, and there’s a bug I think: once I chain them (1-2-3), the last one is played in all its length instead of just half (but is correctly played if played on its own, so 8 steps and not 16). Anyone can reproduce this bug?

  2. I’ve seen the backup on manual, but that’s why I was asking: once you add your own samples, if you go in content mode again, the samples are not there anymore, there’s just a 0kb file probably ‘pointing’ to the sample (like the engines), so my question was: once I do backup the whole content, in which folder are my original samples that I added to the OPZ if they’re not anymore in the folder where I loaded them?


  1. I think that is how it is designed to work. Try going to the master track (the one in between the tape and performance track) and set that track length. That will determine how many bars or steps are played before changing to a different pattern in the chain.

  2. I don’t know what to tell you. The drum samples don’t change but samples I put in the synth folders do. Restoring the file 0kb file also restores the sound so it doesn’t bother me. I guess the smart ass answer to your question is that the files are, or should be, still in the folder on your computer where you copied them from.

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About 2.: If this is the case, this is a problem and restoring won’t work. However I believe you are slightly wrong. What’s happening is that the OP-Z doesn’t show the same sample twice in content mode. Instead, it shows the second sample as a 0 byte file with the same filename preceded by a tilde ~ sign. This is probably to save space on the device.
So my guess is you’re using the same sample on different tracks. One of it should be without the tilde and full file size. Fun fact: The OP-Z only checks the filename for that, not very clever and somewhat dangerous.

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As for point 2, you’re absolutely right! That explains it, indeed I use some samples in more slots, and those are the ones that behave as you described.

A bit dangerous if it uses only names, but also because I might want to delete that sample from one place and not another, and if I delete from the folder where the sample is ‘real’ and not redirection, all redirections will not work and so I’ll loose it in all the other slots!

Love the OPZ but sometimes it shows how it was done not for power users…or how it is still in beta stage in some places.

Anyway thanks a lot, that is useful to know.

Thanks again for your reply! As for point 1, that is very strange to be honest. I think the behaviour should be that if you chain tracks then the tracks’ length should be preserved, there’s no reason why this should not happen (the other rules like that the longest track determines when the chain switches can still apply).

I submitted a support request to TE about this and also the synth patches import from OP1 to OPZ that they still say it’s possible but is actually not possible (at least not importing Digital or Cluster synth .aif patches from OP1 to OPZ as the import.log says it’s the wrong format but they are working on OP1).

Send them your logs in reply to that message. I have only got op-1 patches from the synth sampler and drum sampler to work.

Another way to think about it, is it’s made for a different kind of power user. In allot of ways the Z reminds me of old groove boxes that made system design decisions around having very limited memory. For example I have a drum patch of vocal samples. Each sample is pitched way up in the actual sound file, but on the Z i can pitch it down lower to what it originally was allowing for way more than 12 seconds of usable sample.

This guy explains what I am trying to say better than I am. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-41P4ssDUoA

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Yes I do know what you mean, I was doing the same on my VSS and on the OP1, that’s fine not bothering me.

But on their website they talk about synth patches, not sampler patches, so is wrong…samples work almost without problems (but sound worse on the OPZ in particular the synth samples…sometimes they ring or have other artefacts not present on the original OP1 even with all FX/filters etc. to neutral), and the fact it doesn’t memorise the looping points is also another big miss.

I hope they’ll make it better, I do think OPZ could be potentially more powerful than the OP1, but for now it seems the almost half price is directly related to the almost half power. The OP1 is at the moment a much more powerful machine, but if needed only/mainly for beats then OPZ is enough.

I do hope OPZ at some point will get all the editing power of the OP1 (maybe via the app) and then it will be a dream machine.

Dude give it some time, the op-1 started like half the machine too.
In 5 years you won’t believe what the Z can do.


Have you tried using the op-z as an external sequencer for the op-1? I have had fun with that workflow because the op-z sequencer is way deeper and can be programmed to do way more than the op-1 sequencer.

Still didn’t try that as I do like the idea of a self contained instrument for sketching ideas…the OP1 was limited but perfect and the 4 tape audio tracks eventually meant that lots of sound remain on the final albums!

With the OP-Z at the moment the sound design is limited but control and live performance is great…still missing the bounce possibility for tracks, maybe a few minutes per track, maybe with a module for storage…but is definitely a device with lots of potential that I hope will be more developed :slight_smile:

Is there a Solution now? I want to chain 3 14step patterns but the OP-Z always plays 3 16step patterns by replaying the first two notes?