OPZ OP Lab Module Problems

Latest OPZ update and anytime i try to sync my OPZ it does not
sync to external clock.

I have OPLab in PO switch in input.
Set clock in on OPZ app.
I can see the light on the OPLab Module
Press play and no time sync from the other device.
I tried OP1 and my modular both with no success.

Anyone have any luck with this?

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Finally just got a module last week, started with just
Using the PO sync which worked really well,
Then didn’t. I realized that either module or OpZ
Was warped slightly, so contacts seemed
Inconsistent. Also noticed I was intermittently getting and losing leds above ins/outs(on po and midi) though never saw the CV ones light up.

After working again for a bit(po sync that is), really well. Until I turned it off. Then back to nothing.

Also nothing on the CVs despite numerous attempts with a m32 and a Behringer model d.

Gave up, arranged for a replacement at Sweetwater(tho they are not in stock for 3wks)
Then the OpZ stopped sending midi sync over usb correctly(to anything)
Factory reset
Software update
Gave up again
Now I’m gonna replace the OpZ first and see if that was the lemon all along.
Really sucks because I love it when it works!
And btw Sweetwater is the freaking best


Hi there I too have found the same issues with mine . It works , put the back on and plug po in and it stops . The problem is the lock isn’t sufficient to keep it in place so it moves and looses contact and stops working .
I have also shreaded my yellow clips now - really annoyed

See this topic:

Yea any CV inputs are not working on mine. Thought I was going crazy but I may make a support ticket.
I cannot get the CV Input to do any type of sync. Kinda the reason I got it.

Thanks a replacement is on its ways congas

My adventure continues…
Replacement OpZ arrived yesterday and
Before I could test the module fit and function
I tested the build
I pressed all buttons, felt fine
Spun encoders,
Green fine
Blue fine
Yellow, not fine, it sticks at some point in nearly every revolution.
Red fine
I’ve already requested another replacement for I can’t live with this for 600$ on an encoder that should be buttery smooth.
Oh and of course because this happened the module fits perfectly and works perfectly!
So torn as to wether to give up
Gonna leave it up to the build of replacement#3
Wanna love it, do love it, it’s just gotta work

I tried two modules in turn, none came up. The seller returned the money. I will probably confine myself to Arthuria Keystep, it is unfortunate that the dreams of portability were completely shattered.

My second one arrIved but that stays in place until you pull out the sync cable which then dislodges it so I am going to get my money back and give up :slightly_frowning_face: Or consider taking my OPZ back as it looks slightly warped and the back panel is really bent which I didn’t notice before .shocking quality control by TE

Did a replacement suffice? I just received mine and I’m having the same issues. @teenage_engineering @Teenagerneering Help… why is the design flawed? It just doesn’t fit properly!

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Hi there no it didn’t .it held in place a little bit longer than the first but after putting a sync cable in 2 or 3 times it would stop .so I sent I back and didn’t ask for a replacement . The tech guy in the shop said he had a lot returned with the same problem . The only way I could get it to stay in place was to pack some paper between it and the cover which just seemed wrong to do and my grommets got knackerd from taking the back on and off all the time BUT! I realised my cover was badly warped (it was when bought) so I took the opz back and just awaiting to collect a replacement OP-Z
I’m not sure I will try another one ? Totally disappointed -they need to have a similar locking system like the rumble if they do I may well look at it again but £139 is a lot for what it is ! Good luck Chris

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Teenage Engineering got back to me all on their own and let me know they received my unit and will be shipping a new one in 1- 2 weeks. :crossed_fingers: everything goes according to plan!

same stuff is haplening with mine guys

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I had issues with mine and returned it to the retailer for a refund. Didn’t want another until they can change how it locks in place. Some people have had no issues at all. I’ve been using the RK-005 instead. It’s not a replacement but it’s a very versatile and robust little thing.