Opz operator midi hang notes

Hi I’m having crazy midi hang notes with the opz and oplab module midi out to my neutron and then to my unosythn , I’ve just updated to the latest firmware and hope this will solve this situations,is anyone else having this issue ?

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…it’s more likely that the Neutron midi goes crazy.

iam getting some hanging notes when switching octaves fast in a playing sequence.

it’s some kind of overloading

I have thé dame issue with thé Uno synth and thé monologue,when usinh thé opz midi out and USB midi as well,tested both, Can i filtre thé midi messages,will a midi hub help ?

Relighting the fire on this topic, I have my OP-Z connected over USB to my Macbook Pro and controlling it over midi through Ableton Live and using the XkeyAir USB/Bluetooth. I’m assigning the input from the controller specifically, and all channels, and only sending Channel 8 to the OP-Z with Midi option 1 Disabled on the OP-Z, but 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8 are active. I have tired various manners of midi configuration, and using another controller, such has the OP-1 field pushing through the same channel, but still the hanging, or seemingly Latched notes on the OP-1, and very sparsed input as it is, it doesn’t play most of the notes sent to it.

maybe u have already tried
but check your midi settings again
i think its fairly easy to create some type of midi feedback loop on the Z
with all its midi capabilities and the weird json file that doesn’t always seem to do anything

a feedback loop could certainly cause this sort of erratic midi behavior

a midi monitor app or program does wonders to help suss out midi issues