Opz => osx app

I have downloaded on aple store the OPZ app for OSX but It is impossible for me to open it .
The app crash every time .
I am on OSX 10,9,5 ( maverick )
does any one has suceed to run this app on this OSX version ?

Any reason you are not running a newer OS? I think apple gives them out as free updates.

Yes because Maverick is very stable . Maybe the best for a music studio . In addition I have plenty of stuff wich are running on this Os and I am almost sure that it would not be the case with a newer OS

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Solid reasoning. Coming from an IT standpoint, one of the first things we check is if the OS is up to date. I support a large group of designers, I have them one full version behind current release on all software for a couple reasons. Mavericks is like 5 years old. There are 5 newer versions.

I suspect the app isn’t working because of mavericks. If you have your workstation set up perfectly and don’t want to fix it if it isn’t really broken it might be to much work for the op-z app. You should be able to connect over bluetooth or usb if you are looking for midi control.

If you want to find out if it’s the OS you could make a full bootable backup with a tool like carbon copy cloner. Then boot from that backup drive and update the OS. If everything works fine than it’s safe to do on your production machine. DM me if you want more detailed instructions or need help with that. It’s really easy, I have done it maybe a hundred times.


Well , thanks for the advice , but I am not a geek expert in computers , just a musician . the word " BOOT" just makes me fear :slightly_smiling_face:

I will ask to TE and if it is an OS version problem and if it is , I will do like there is no OPZ app available for OSX. This app is just something more confortable , so I can do easely without, no matter .

OS updates shouldn’t scare you. If you are trying to be cautious than update to high seirra. Mojave has been super stable for me and supported all my music stuff even while in beta.

Your post is why I love internet forums. Excellent sound advice and willingness to help. :+1:

On the other hand, the latest version of OSX (catalina) has broken photoshop, any DJ software relying on itunes for playlist management, and all 32 bit applications.

Yep - regarding 32-bit applications, I resorted to actually redeveloping MIDI Patchbay to 64-bit and it works now with Catalina. Yay.

To the original poster - it is likely the case that TE chose a later OS target version within the build configuration in xcode. Do TE provide release notes?