OPZ Pitch Bend Record is not a thing?

Hi pals!

finally unboxed my opz after 7 months of it sitting in my cupboard today for a photo shoot and then had a sneaky play with it afterwards, it was very fun…

Just wanted to clarify that you can’t record pitch bend on the OPZ seemingly in any way.

Unfortunately that is correct :confused:

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Thanks for clarifying. Humm. Maybe it’s buggy for some reason, or too CPU intensive so they disabled it? The cool pitch bend control isn’t really that useful then hey?

No problem! Yeah, not ideal. Here’s hoping they do something about it with updates! I wonder if it records pitch bend from midi in?

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Did I get that right? You waited 7 months to unbox your OP-Z? If you don’t mind me asking, why would you do that?


Haha, good question! I have spent countless hours on my op1, learning it back to front every single technique or trick I could find… Which has been amazing, I love the OP1… However, I have some goals I’m working towards, and mastering the OPZ will take an investment of time that I don’t want to spend at the moment… & I’m aware of how compelling I will find it (even last night, I played with it for a few hours, and that IS the case)… I was on the first preorder run from vintage king… By the time it shipped, I’d made the decision as above. Currently working on putting out and EP, and the opz will be my reward.

PS. Opened it for a photo shoot.

Yeah good question, you mean if you record the opz out? I hope internal pitch bend is implemented, cause the inclusion of the physical button is rad, but pretty nerfed. Is it used for any other function? Could be cool to assign it to velocity or other automation control. Say for a high hat. Any arp functions on the sampler / drum tracks?