OPZ will have features from the PO series?

Do you think the new OPZ will have features from the PO series. I mean:

-Sounds from the MicroTonic, like the PO-32
-Transfer patches/samples using the built-in mic.

I was thinking about this as well! It remains to be seen…

Interesting idea! Maybe they use the same idea of parameterlock things and fx. Another thing, is there anyone that really knows whats on the back of the ops?! the ports?

Supposedly there’ll be a content store where you can download/share patches.

Do you think the sequencer will be as powerful as elektron’s

Yes. I think so. Cuckoo showed in his long video preview a lot of things from the sequencer, and it seemed very powerful indeed. Maybe the most powerful feature of the OPZ is its sequencer.

Dit it have a Song mode? I don’t remember well…

song mode is a must for me.

No, I don’t think OP-Z will be able to transfer patches like the PO. I think/fear there will be a store for patches, probably within the iOS companion app.

I hope they will add some form of multiple songs in there. It would be an awesome machine to use for theatre: sound effects, music, video effects AND lights. But only if you can build sets that are as long as a play…

I believe it is a 16 step sequencer where you can pattern chain. No mention of song mode.