OPZ with Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1?

Hi all!

Has anyone had any success connecting an Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 midi controller to the OPZ? I admit that I have only tried a direct connect (usb B cable with usb C adaoter attached) without trying a powered hub. I’m on a tight budget so I’d like to explore your successes first :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!!!

Bump. Really interested in knowing whether or not anyone else has tried this/figured it out! TY!

I just tried connecting the Instrument 1 to an OP-Z. I used the mini usb-to-usb-a cable and an Apple usb-a-to-usb-c adapter. It worked, the OP-Z got midi from the Instrument 1. The Instrument 1 did not get audio from the OP-Z, the audio came directly from the OP-Z.

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Oh my goodness. You got it to work! I’m relieved to hear this. I must be doing something wrong, because I am using the exact same setup and cannot get any sound from the op-z, at all. Only difference in my setup is an iCan USB3.1 5GBPS Type C Male to Type A Female Adapter. Says it can be used for data and charge.

Could you kindly walk my through your settings? Did you do anything in particular to enable this to work? Perhaps I need a firmware update?

I am using an Instrument 1 with firmware 1.1.20 and an OP-Z with firmware 1.2.5. The connection is the Artiphon USB Mini to USB-A cable and an Apple USB-A to USB-C adapter. That’s it, it just worked immediately.

I got it working! I updated both devices - thanks for prompting me to do that!

The Artiphon is a bit challenging to use with the OPZ. Are you finding that as well? For example, I can’t use the whole fretboard for one track. Each string is assigned to a different track, so it kind of defeats the purpose for me. I’m sure there is a way to change this, but I haven’t got a clue how.

Your Instrument 1 is probably in MPE Midi mode so that it uses a different channel for each note or string. You can change that in the settings of the iOS app or the Mac/PC editor to Single Channel Midi mode.

Tonight you solved an issue I’ve been trying to address for literally six months.

Arnewall, thank you <3

Hello!!! I unfortunately have the same problem. I updated both devices. When I plug the instrument 1 to my ipad it works fine. But when I plug it into my op1 or opz it doesnt work. Do you think it maybe is about the cable I’m using? But then why does it work on ipad?