Organizing patterns and mute groups for performance

I wish pattern buttons could be custom color coded by the user on the op-z, so one can see them when holding down P.

I need a way reminding myself what has drums, where a breakdown happens, or where I should do a filter sweep or fade in tracks, which patterns sort of work together/have the same instruments, etc… it gets messy with keeping notes. I’d love to be able to choose from some pre-defined colors so I could keep track by making notes in the form of colors. We know from the start-up sequence and the light track that there are plenty of otherwise unused colors left, seems like a waste if we can’t make use of them.

The same would be great for mute groups, but these seem to have only white leds.

How do you guys keep track of stuff?

I honestly just have a piece of paper and then stumble through with many mistakes :sweat_smile:

Cool idea to use lights and make the colour assignable. Something to indicate what is in active in a mute group would be even more useful for me. Maybe when holding the mixer button and a long press on a mute button to reveal what tracks are active, a bit like long pressing a step shows you the notes on that step.

Great if it was on the op-z rather than the app.

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