Original Generator | Sound Pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1

Hi all, I just released Original Generator. A unique sound / sample pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 which is available at Teenage Engineering OP-1 Sound Pack | Original Generator

Featuring 5 multi-sampled drum kits, 15 multi-sampled vintage instruments like the Orchestron, Mellotron and various Pianos which you can load using a drum (sampler) channel and 30 single-sampled instruments which you can load using a synth (sampler) channel for a total of 50 sounds!

All Patches are crafted with great care using (multi) samples of my personal sample library so these are not just simple presets, but custom sounds.

Here are some musical examples and a simple patch play through which I hope you’ll enjoy. Cheers!


Man I’m obsessed with everything you do

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Thanks a lot for the motivating words and I am glad your enjoying it :slight_smile: