Ortho Remote Compatibility with OP-Z

I have a Ortho Remote and I typically was just using it to control my iOS devices volume because it’s just cooler than using my Apple Watch. I did buy it with plans to use with the OP-Z though on BLE-MIDI. Is it supported yet. I can’t seem to control anything in the app using the Ortho Remote. It doesn’t have a Midi Learn setting so I can’t program it in the OP-Z all. I think I need to check which CC signal it is sending (as it is non configurable) and then change the setting in the app to match the remote.

Has anyone played around with the OP-Z and Ortho Remote. I know their website has a picture of the OP-Z and Ortho Remote (on the Ortho Remote Page) and I remember seeing other photos last year on the OP-Z updates page with the Ortho Remote.

One thing is if I open the OP-Z app, The OP-Z automatically connects to the Ortho Remote so it has to be compatible in some way. I was hoping it could function like the Track Pad so if I select a on-screen control and it is highlighted with the red box, the Ortho Remote will be able to control that setting.

There isn’t anything in the manual explaining the compatibility between the two either. At least I can’t find anything. Again I assume I need to figure out which CC signal the remote sends by default and then set the app to match up but I thought I would throw a post up to ask if anyone else has played with this setup.

UPDATE: So I found an app called Midi Wrench that displayed Midi Input Values and supported BLE-MIDI. If anyone cares the Ortho Remote defaults to Ch 0 and sends values 0 - 127 (of course because its a rotary knob). Just need to see if I can set anything in the OP-Z app to Ch 0. I will let everyone know if I can get it working.

please let me know what more you find out, i’m very interested in this too! thanks for sharing what you found so far!

Hi, what CC# was the ortho controlling?

Bumping this extremely old thread, but I was able to make the ortho remote work with limited success.

I used the app on iOS MIDIflow which enabled me to sniff the signal. The default is midi cc 0 on channel 1, and note c4 when the ortho remote is pressed. Using Midiflow I Made a macro remapping cc0 to cc1 for the ortho remote, and it works - sorta…

You can run the app or any app besides the op-z app and it functions as intended in the background but when you enter the OP-Z app it is hijacked and no longer does anything. Even if you set the proper cc value and channel that the ortho remote spits out natively it just stops functioning.

Big bummer actually. I’ll wait for updates I guess…

I am surprised that you cannot direct connect the ortho remote to the OP-Z but more shocked that there is missing any native support. Especially when they showcased the ortho remote at namm this year. Should have pushed an update to make it work with their new flagship if they are pushing an old piece of hardware…