Ortho remote pairing issues

Hi, just received my OB-4 yesterday which came with the remote. Unfortunately, I can’t pair the remote - I have read past forum discussions on the topic and ensured the firmware in the OB-4 is the latest.

I managed to get the music to stop/start by pressing the remote. I’m streaming from a Mac, via bluetooth. The ortho remote also controls the Mac’s system volume, but that doesn’t change the Music app volume which is streaming to the OB-4.
Any help would be appreciated. TE hasn’t done a great job at documenting how to set this up.

Also the OB-4 cannot have a bluetooth connection to both a Mac and the remote at the same time, I assume? So if you want to use the remote to control playback from a Mac that’s streaming over bluetooth, I assume the Mac has to be connected to the remote, not the OB-4?

Finally got it to work by pairing the remote to another input other than Bt. Now it works on Bt as well, but the volume control motor no longer turns. After shutting the OB4 off then turning back on, it works.

Good times

OB-4 can be connected to both streaming devices, and OR-1s, at the same time. they’re even handled by different bluetooth controllers.

thanks, jacob

Great, thank you!
Not sure what I did to get it to work, but it eventually worked.

I, too, am having difficulty pairing my OB-4 with the Ortho remote, despite following some of the fixes indicated above. The Bluetooth on the OB-4 blinks blue then white and the remote can’t seem to lock on.

Any suggestions? So far my yellow Ortho remote is just a snazzy looking hockey puck🤠

Have you tried the ble partymode? Via the orthoplay app.

you have to update the firmware of your remote.

it’s a step by step procedure but easy understandable :four_leaf_clover:

send me a DM

Thanks for the response. Haven’t tried that yet, but will.

That sounds very logical. Thank you for the suggestion. It appears that I can’t send a DM yet since I’m a new forum member. But hopefully you’ve given me enough to go on so I can figure it out from here. Thanks so much for reaching out.

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Check your DMs, this is a bulletproof procedure and directly from TE but it may be a bit complicated that’s why it’s not public :sun_with_face: