[OS 218] Reverse play on loop bug

This one’s pretty easy to reproduce:

  1. Switch to tape mode
  2. Record a sample of a few seconds or so using a drum or synth part, it doesn’t matter
  3. Shift+repeat to select the whole loop
  4. Ensure that position 0:00:00 is the in point
  5. Play the loop, loop repeats as normal.
  6. Shift+play the loop, when the tape head reaches position 0:00:00, it repeats the tiny sample at that position rather than jumping to the end of the loop.
  7. Increment the in point a teeeny amount forward, like a few milliseconds, and the reverse loop works just fine.

yep… reported that to TE in late beta stage. my feeling is we won’t see it fixed before the opz comes out.