#OS235 Tape Splice/copy/paste/crash bug

My op1 just crashed during tape editing with Join/Splice
The crash screen started with “\scr\db2\Clips.cpp:183 mr_hs_clip[clip_id]”
After restarting the cutted clip was gone, but I did not have to reinitialize the OP1

Did you report this and the other bug directly to TE?

Not yet, Still waiting for replay to a mail from last week. Do you know if they have a special bugtracking tool/eMail address?

What is clear is that they don’t have error/bug report platform. You have to submit a support request on their side by choosing any category (I usually go for warranty), and start the title of the request with “bug report” or something similar. Once you’ve submitted the ticket you just have to wait… wait… and wait :smiley:

Ah ok. I had send them a mail concerning warranty and now have to wait wait wait. Sad.

best to not wait to report another bug. nobody so far has seen evidence that they use any form of bug tracking.

According to the discussion with their phone support they don’t check emails for bug reports. All support requests are expected to be passed through their support side.