Oscillators on synths


So I received my OP-1 today and i'm currently reading a book on sound design (Rick Snowman's Dance Music Manual).

Do we know what oscillators are in each synth? Sine, Saw, Triangle etc?

The book talks a lot about mixing these waves to produce different sounds, and it would be great try on the OP-1. For now, im just experimenting and having fun, but it would be good to know what goes on 'under the hood'.



That book sounds like it’s probably referring to analog synths, which the OP-1 isn’t(it’s all DSP inside) but I do believe the “cluster” engine is based on the idea of multiple saw waves together and the “pulse” engine is a pulse-width(square wave) maybe some other operators here know more about what the various engines are based on

On D-Synth you can morph from Triangle to Pulse on two oscillators…