OT - adaptor for MINI Kaoss pad?

Hi Guys, i just bought a mini kp to go with my OP1, and i know a few of you guys have done similar things so thought i would ask some advice!

Mainly, how are you guys powering it? It seems like i can use a USB charger to power it, but i cant work out what plug socket it needs. Any advice would be welcome :slight_smile:


i use just the AA batteries most of the time. has a pretty long battery life IME.

i caved eventually and got the power supply off ebay for a couple bucks.

its got a smaller type of tip on the plug. not sure the exact size of it.

Hey, the mini has no use. It works with batteries or a at adapter.

Op 1 connection with line in and out.
Hope this answers your question.

Sorry for the grammar mistakes( it was my phone). I ment it has no usb and u can power it up with an ac adapter! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

@xjx - its just that USB is 5V so would be fine powering the mini KP which has enough tolerence so long as i can find the right USB to plug adaptor…

@docshermsticks - it seems to be a non standard type of plug unfortunately, i have an adaptor with interchangeable ends and none of them fit!!

:( if i recall, the universal adapter i have, indeed has a plug that fits the mini KP.

i could prob get a better read on it later on tonight when i get home.

FYI - the mini KP is looking for 4.5 V. not sure if that extra half V would do u any damage powering it at 5V, maybe something for thought tho.

also u wanna make sure the polarity of your cable matches what the KP is looking for

@docshermsticks - that would be great, thanks!

I figured that it ran off 6-7v of battery (energesier ones often start life at 1.7ish V) so it is probably pretty tolerant to 5v.

Btw, i just accidentally won a 2nd mini kp on ebay (doh, fail of enthusiastically bidding on multiple items) so if anyone in the Uk wants one, £65+P&P and its yours… (i’ll post a separate thread haha)
hey so my universal adapter does have a plug that fits the mini KP, here is a pic of how the plug looks.
the barrel is smaller than your average boss pedal adapter barrel
this is the one that i have...http://www.zzounds.com/item--HOSADC477
and according to the website, i think the size of the plug is 1.35mm x 3.5mm
hope that helps

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@docshermsticks - amazing! thanks you so much, that is super useful :slight_smile:

no prob g!

Hi @aswefallintostatic -I would of commented earlier but have been off line.Dont sell your extra mini IMHO ,wire them in series.I have two with two KP3s in a 2*2 parallel series set up and it’s great.I feed them with decks aswell as keys though but sounds warp quickly into new worlds.

@spheric_el - good advice, i actually used to use three Kp3’s as my live rig a few years ago, chained together they are so powerful! Just watch any Jon Hopkins video…