OT - Elektronaut Mission #1

Hey everyone !

If it is of some interest for some of you, you’re invited to the very first Elektronaut Mission !
I’d be glad to see you come and show your gentleman skills and your musical attitude…

If, of course, you have an Elektron machine…

If you don’t, consider getting one maybe :smiley:

Awesome news! The Battles helped me understand most of the OP-1 functions and hope that they will do the same with the Octatrack. For that first one, I will download the Monolith template (never used the OT as a synth with the single cycle waveforms trick).

If someone wants to send me an Octatrack, I’d be more than happy to join in this mission. Hell, I’d trade my Kaossilator and my Thingamagoop and a custom made cases for an Octatrack!!!

Anyway, good luck you all!!!

I intend to use the Monolith thing as well.

There is also the Adventure Kid Wafe Forms reworked by Inspektor Gadget, that might be interesting as well…

@xtbed I got my OT for 800€ (second hand oc), it’s a more reasonable price.
But I really think that the Analog Rytm is THE Elektron box to have, I’ll have to save money for months to get one !!