OT - March 29th: World Piano Day (share your piano tracks)

Hey guys,

I know lots of you (im looking at you @cuckoo) are keen keyboard players so i thought you might be interested to know that apparently March 29th (this sunday) is world piano day (its the 88th day of the year…)


The idea is to get people making music on the piano and celebrating what a cool instrument it is. Anyway, i thought it might be fun if we had a thread where we could post and share our own piano tracks so here it is :slight_smile:

T x

Ok, to get the ball rolling, here is mine:



Above is an EP of solo piano I recorded last year. I am pretty rubbish at keys mind you, self taught fairly recently.

setting the bar rather high here guys! great work @aswefallintostatic & @gohstly606

a not so elaborate doodle I made earlier:

i wanted to do something but sadly didn’t get the time.

@tasmansea - ah i see a fellow discoverer of reverse piano sounds :smiley: nice piece, what did you use for the beats?

@spacetravelmadeeasy - its never too late :wink:


Very nice tracks guys.

@awfis what is the "OT - " for, in the title of this thread ?

@layingDalai - thanks man, glad you re enjoyign the tracks!

The OT was ‘off topic’ as piano day isnt directly related to the OP1 or teenage engineering, but i thought might be close to a lot of peoples interests anyway!


@aswefallintostatic cheers!..a doodle I did first time I got hold of a looper (“hey what does the reverse switch do?.. ah reverse”)
beat is coming from the nord drum 2 - sequenced with an OT ( a combo which keeps growing on me)

Missed it! Awesome day :slight_smile: