OT: Recreating this bass


Just curious, how would you go about recreating bass from this video on an analog synth? Have you ever made something similar? (If you have comments using FM synth or OP-1, they’re more than welcome as well.) I know that this one is most likely created on a computer, but it doesn’t have to be exact, just similar.

I feel that there is a low-frequency sine wave there, but there are also overtones, plus a filter with LFO-modulated frequency, plus something that creates higher-frequency humm.

There are couple of famous sounds that I never manage to nail, which bothers me. That is one of them.

Now I’m not sure-there is some layering going on with lead sounds…but-
Check out the “Reese” bass line named after a house producer (who’s 2nd name was Reese) but extended by D&B community.
Google that maybe,but it tends to be detune on two oscillators plus maybe some other bits of mod.Try FM on OP1 ,there is a detune on that ,also Unison mode(shift and blue on Envelope page) can help towards this.Then maybe mod a LPF filter.Cluster may get some results.The sound is all about detuning more than one osc,hopefully in stereo.
Other than layering a lead and compressing I can’t remember any other tips-but it seems like a common preset on a lot of synths (like micro korg or big name soft synths),if you find one of them then reverse engineer it-or maybe google will give you a magazine article.

Hmmm, interesting. There are probably a number of ways to achieve this and what I’m about to describe probably isn’t one of the better methods:

For analogue: Three oscillators stacked - x1 as sub, x2 two (sawtooth) detuned slightly all running through the same filter. With this as a start point a lot of what is going on is to do with the filter type (I’m guessing low pass) and the harmonics the resonance brings out. There seems to be a little drive that comes with the resonance as well (it reminds me a little of the metaliser on the Microbrute), it almost sounds like its tied to the filter cutoff in some way (the filter sweep itself is probably automated).

I’m not sure how I’d go about doing this on the OP-1 - I’d probably make a sequence for the bass then record a sub sound (from FM or one of the presets) with it use the same sequence to record detuned cluster (in unison) and layer then up. Nitro or punch for a filter would help get you closer (manually tweaked or using modulation to change the parameters). I’m fairly new to the OP-1 though so I’m sure others will have a better/easier method. I think Spheric_El’s advice is good though - see how its achieved and try reverse engineer the process on the OP-1.

Digital can do detune,gnarly bass on OP-1.
Set green to middle octave(not too hi or low),then use white to move dot to top left part of screen.Tweak all 4 controls.
Not exact what you are after,but again,can use punch or nitro.
With punch I like to set Orange full while tuning in frequency by setting Blue to focus on sub octave weight with less volume on octave above(medium White).Then dial Orange back to mix in high,original signal with a balance of sub weight(punch effect).