OT: The Sound Test Room.com

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about the launching of http://thesoundtestroom.com. Some of you probably are already familiar with Doug’s youtube channel, but now he’s got an actual website! There’s a strong emphasis on iOS, but there’s also lots of hardware videos, including one up now about syncing the Volcas, Monotribe, and MicroBrute.

No OP-1 yet, but I may try and add some videos myself and I’m hoping to give some love to the OP. Check it out, thanks!

Haha I’ve synced my volcas, monotribe, polysix and poly61. With the iconnectivity devices you can add midi to the mix as well. What I’ve found is that the “click” from the korg sync app doesn’t work with the old Polys but the click from the mono tribes sync signal does.