OT: What Gear is Being Used In This Video?

I like this NPR tiny Desk concert with Daniel Lanois. Super tasty drumming and all around groovy stuff.

What is the gear that Lanois is using? He’s “thoughtfully” covered identifying marks with black tape. Is he controlling loops in Ableton? Also curious why an assistant occasionally reaches in to push a button.


yeah, great live act! I don’t know what he’s using but I like it :slight_smile:

i dont know what the gear is but thanks for posting the video, it sounds great!!

It looks like a lot of what he is doing is live mixing a backing track played from the laptop via the mixer then using the mystery rack to pitch shift and perhaps delay the output. looks like a reverb rack just above. I dont think there is a MIDI controller involved. The drummer is almost undoubtably playing from a click track.

damn, i wish i could jam with that drummer, he is just too groovy!

looks like pro tools on the laptop

that’s a Lexicon Prime Time

source: http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/21759-rig-rundown-daniel-lanois

nice one!

cool looking piece of gear. Seems to be similar to a boss rps 10…

What about playing with this drummer? [wink wink] :wink:

here´s the rig of daniel lanois…


Heh… kylecassidy.com makes me look pretty good @kites

@kites - nice :wink:

@mrclean, is that you…? Checking out some of kylecassidys shots, pretty diverse portfolio…

Yes - that is me.

@kites - nice ;)

@mrclean, is that you...? Checking out some of kylecassidys shots, pretty diverse portfolio...

Ladies and germs, the drummer from Dead Milkmen.

@mrclean is that overhead mic really the cost of an arm and a leg?

Sweetwater lists it at $3780.00


holy crap! what do you say to a person that was in a band you listened to compulsively as an impressionable youth? thanks for being awesome, @mrclean!

Thanks @papertiger !

We’re still making records: http://www.deadmilkmen.com/store.html

sweet :slight_smile: