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Disco time!
All done on the blue electribe, some additional voice samples with the microsampler. Enjoy the front door party girls!


Last Friday (March 30th 2018) we played from 7:30 pm to 0:00 am (4:30 long !). Full improvisation, 6 musicians and 1 visual artist.


I feel so blessed to have been playing in such an amazing place with such cool people :)

© photos by Margaux Martin's


Oh wow @lyingdalai!!! That looks rocking!!


I am thrilled that this happened. Can’t wait for next date (still have to find one).

My gear for this set was Digitone, 0-Coast, Octatrack mk2, Keystep.
I might have been a bit to heavy on the arps :wink:


My new album (free download, if you like it) comprising of OP-1 (mostly for sequencing and sampling; there was minimal use of the internal synth engines), Korg Monologue, Arturia Microbrute, Korg DS-10 and a host of apps: iSem, Alchemy, Odyssei, Sunrizer XS, Elastic Drums and Glitchbreaks. Hope you like it!



Nice! @DaveTheTriffids.
Scissor Theme sounds very Korgish : )
Good drums as usual.
Ps. Also listened to the tape mix ep again with the Kool Keith samples and Up, bustle flute, great!


@mixrasta. Thanks man, much appreciated!


On July 7th I performed with my band Paula Berthe at Astropolis festival in Brest, France.
Here is the first half of the session. I’m pretty happy of it !



digging your “how to prepare live gig” series, @cuckoo - any chance you’d share how you got the Unacorda patch onto the Beat Squeezer? Sounded pretty good…


Here is a pure ambient track. Mutable Instruments Frames > Plaits > Warp > Cloud > Elektron Analog Heat > H4n.
Enjoy !


did another analog-four-from-scratch-in-an-hour yesterday, done a few so far
the previous ones:


oop, double-posting, but it’s been a while so it’s fine.


a day late, but some live fun

po-12, a4mkii, tx81z, mpc1000, mini/microbrute, bluesky, RNCx2


Paula Berthe plays at La Ruche in Rennes, France on Nov. 16th :slight_smile:
In the meantime, we’re practicing.

I’m pretty happy with today session !


First non-TE track in a bit.


lazy saturday morning with monome grid, norns and op1