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@lefilou Just paste the link, it should transform into a video on next reload :slight_smile:


Been working on some stuff… This one is called Daxxxatin

:slight_smile: https://soundcloud.com/hismostdarxxxellent/darxxxatin

I hope you like it… Peace…



A new one from me in a Disco style



This may be a better place to post music then the “blog thread”…

So I was saying on Tuesday I had fun with Volca Sample : I played for hours and came up with a too long and unfinished track that just (and still) put a big smile on my face :smiley:
It reminds me of the Boards of Canada, somehow.
Enjoy !!



I’ve been playing a lot lately with the Moog Mother 32 and Korg Minilogue together. Now to start working in the OP-1.



Cool sound @wingo !

I had to fight the GAS while seeing the Minilogue again.

A friend of mine just got out a new album, and I just can’t get bored of it : I actually think it is really good.
If you ever like it, please share it (and even, let’s be crazy, give him a few pennies cause he will never afford an OP-1)
https://mendicityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/d-drone-davidiennes / https://soundcloud.com/mendicity-records/sets/d-drone-davidiennes



i made a beat for a change. norddrum2 and OT:


Here's a song my band Drinking Bird Experiment released today. It's a pop-style dedication to the inquisitive and indestructible Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote! (yours truly is on bass guitar and saxophone).

It's called La Signora In Giallo. Hope you like it.




An actually old track by me, it was as 4 different patterns on my old Electribe-M. I added a few KoldKrushBrothers Samples and Dr Wave from the OP-1, my favourite weird pad-machine. Check it out !


First collab with Tamaris from the beginning to the end.
Took a long time, and it's perfectible, but it's out there :D
This story has to be continued...



Cool Track, and a good mix! Who or what is Tamaris? @LyingDalai


@mixrasta thx :slight_smile:

Tamaris is my friend Joan’s solo project. He’s a very cool guy, and have been playing electronic music since early 90’s.
We met a few months ago, and he’s the first person I improvised electronic music with :slight_smile:

We are to find a name for our common project, but it’s not that easy ^^
And for the moment we still have to establish a more productive workflow, cause last time we just play for 5 hours straight without interruption, but not much came out of this.
Anyway, we have much fun playing together when we find time to do so, and it’s motivating to conceive music with someone else !
(which reminds me I never sent back my track to @picoVolt, I should get back to it !!!)


More of a jam / example session. Here’s the Machinedrum as beat and clock with the Future Retro Zillion playing the OP-1 (via a couple of layers of taped Zillion sequences) and DSI Evolver.







some great music on here!

just finished an ep



my kinda experimental retouch of James Blake’s fantastic song ‘Retrograde’. Only iOS this time; Samplr, Patterning, Turnado, AUM and Audioshare.





Pure iOS music this time - Samplr, Turnado, AUM and Audioshare.



sunday drones… i used the ZUUG Drone Station I picked up (posted about it in “Post your latest purchase”) earlier this week + the Strymon Big Sky reverb.