OTTO-Open Source Synth/Sampler


no need to dream…there are a number of workstations/grooveboxes with “digital tape”. decades before the OP1, the MV800 had 8 digital tape tracks. i seem to remember the akai mpc1000 also has digital tape.

what makes the OP1 unique (and so good to use) is not that it includes digital tape, but that it doesn’t also include 128 midi tracks.


Cool! How did those units work though? I bet they didn’t have the cool anologue style of the op1?


Hey buddy, I’m detecting some defensiveness here. I don’t think @vehka or myself meant anything negative or critical here. Personally I’m just dreaming out loud, which is a pretty ok thing to do.

I’m on the discord already (different user name), but I admit I’ve not been active. Maybe I’ll drop by. TBH though, I find the whole GitHub vibe pretty confusing. Not sure if it’s cause I’m not a coding guy, but the way it’s organised is not intuitive to my senses, so I feel a bit out of place.


I wonder when this think will be available and for how much? Gotta start saving for it.


I think all parts together should cost something around 200$, but this is just my guess.


Why do you think it will be so inexpensive?


It’s supposed to be non-profit, here’s a list of their early price estimate for parts. this list doesn’t include the enclosure and PCB, which I guess will be the most expensive parts. So maybe yes a bit more than 200$ but I don’t think much more…at least I hope so.

But again, I have no clue!


first proto boards in real life. Superbooth '19 maybe.


I hope


Just trying to encourage you to jump in and figure it out. Yeah github can be awkward. There is lots of stuff written about how to use it, along with the raspberry pi which the otto is built on. The raspberry pi is not expensive if you wanted something to play with. Lots of things you can build with that at all kinds of skill levels. Sorry for not conveying that correctly.

Sorry for the sarcasm but I just don’t understand how anything with a user interface that requires you to press buttons and twist knobs is not hands on.

To get back to the OTTO. Check out the OTTO-PROTO-1


Here they state 100-200$ as the price estimate.


I think that price might be fore the group buy of 10 or more making the 100-200 a piece


Yeah, I think it’ll be a bit more, but I don’t see it getting higher than 300$