Output midi and sample Line IN (ZM4) at the same time

Is this possible ?

…also, whilst I’m here. My M8 is not responding to midi clock from the OPZ. Nor does the OPZ respond to mid clock from the M8 . Any pointers ??


Depends. The sequencer can’t run at the same time as you are sampling. I’m not sure if you can play the keyboard (to midi trigger an external sound module) and at the same time as you are sampling.

Regarding midi, make sure both m8 and op-z use the same midi trs A or B. I’m sure it says somewhere in the manual.

Thanks for the response.

Ye…I think that when you play the keyboard it takes you out of sampe mode and into sample edit mode…I think that’s what happened.

RE. Type A v B. The OPZ is sending midi notes to the M8 successfully (via bluetooth) … so I don’t think that would be the issue.

It does matter depending if op-z sends midi trs A and m8 only receives midi trs B. There are two protocols and different gear uses different protocols. Midi over Bluetooth won’t help you diagnose that.

But also check you have all the correct midi settings in the op-z app or config file.

Hope that helps.