Owner of an Elektron AK/A4/AR : win another Elektron machine !

There was an announcement today about a new Science Lab Challenge.

You have to produce a 15 to 30 seconds track + video showing the use of Overbridge.
And might win another Elektron machine !

DAMN IT. I’m waiting for a “win an analog keys” competition :stuck_out_tongue:

DAMN IT. I'm waiting for a "win an analog keys" competition :P

@daninski you can win an Analog Keys. Winner gets a machine of their choice :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing what people come up with!

@Virtual_Flannel the only thing is that yu have to already have an A4/AK or an AR to compete.

Maybe now is the right time to buy one (and get it back later to the seller if you don’t want to keep it).

@Virtual_Flannel the only thing is that yu have to already have an A4/AK or an AR to compete.
Maybe now is the right time to buy one (and get it back later to the seller if you don't want to keep it).

Of course, was just assuming @daninski had an Elektron for some reason. I’m sure they will have another “solve the audio puzzle” type contest that anyone can enter some time. It seems they always give away machines at their “Night Of Machines” shows too. Gotta hand it to Elektron they do have some exclusive to Elektron owner contests, but all and all they give away a lot of machines for a pretty small company. I don’t see Roland or Korg giving away machines. Moog does on occasion, but there is usually a catch.

Well, I like Elektron a lot and can´t say that they are doing a morally wrong thing, but I envisioned the Science Lab Challenge originally as a hardware focused thing, analog to our forum beat battles. This is basically a search for cheap promo videos for Instagram and Youtube. No problem at all for me and I´m interested in what people will do, but I spend a lot of money buying Electron things aiming a hardware experience, not a Maschine-like one (and I´m not ranting about Overbridge al all; I tried the beta and liked it a lot. It´s just a focus thing. I´m interested in more tactile musical experience and less screen watching and trackpad clicking).

@aeoner I totally agree.

For me, Overbridge is really useful for recording (almost) all the tracks at once, and post-prod in Live…
But I’d like new machines/instruments from them, for sure ^^

@aeoner @LyingDalai I’ve messed around with Overbridge and its awesome. The 1.0 release is so much better than the early Beta I tried. I like it for doing the tedious things that are a pain on the machine like sound managing. The multi tracking thing is amazing, but I have my way of doing things and like to sum everything before the computer and two track my hardware. If you are an ITB guy, it would be a godsend! I’m stoked to see people make the Overbridge graphics go nuts, and think it’s cool Elektron are giving away a machine to get people to come together and make vids.

Well, sure, it’s amazing to see that they GIVE something like this.

I mean, the price of an AR is exactly the same as the one of the MD, and they gave OB as an update !
Even if I p`refer to play with machines than with a computer, I think I would have bought it, even if it was only for post-producing.

Now this contest is very smart, since it push people to actually use this amazing toy that was given to them… And you can still find people to rant against Elektron ! How sick is that ???