Pairing OD-11 and OB-4 to play together (wirelessly)?

I’m now an owner of both OB-4 and OD-11. I bring around my OB-4 for portability and I love that I can finally play wirelessly with no latency with the OP-1f. The OD-11 makes a great hifi airplay speaker for whenever I crave the big waves.

I see that you can group multiple OD-11s to play together, but would be nice if the option would include the OB-4 too. Anyone ever heard anything about this? Is there a reason why that’s not the case already?

I assume you could achieve this by connecting to each speaker via line-in. But I’m intrigued by the wireless solution.

An issue might be that OB-4 plays over bluetooth when wireless, and OD-11 over wifi (for better quality) - still, I could imagine that a software/firmware update could be enough to fix this.

Curious to hear your thoughts!

Can’t help… love that line though.


Anyone know why the OD-11 isn’t sold in the US? Patents?

So TE got back to me:

“you are correct, the two speakers can’t be linked wireless because they use different platforms (bluetooth and airplay). the only way to link them is via cable, using the line in option on both units and a splitter cable from the audio source!”

Leaving it here in case anybody wonders about the same thing. I might eventually give a try to the cable option out of curiosity.