My op-z doesn’t start! i was using it last night, turned it off and plugged it in to charge over night. now it doesn’t start at all but it mounts when connected to the mac showing the systeminfo folder. what can i do!? :cry:

Do a backup and then a factory reset. Could be that something has gone corrupted (happened to me with one of the project banks).

If this solves it, you should think twice before loading the backup file into the device again. Chances are the issues will simply repeat themselves.

If it doesn’t work you should try to get in touch with TE support.

i get no led indications at all and it can’t connect in content mode. only sign of life is systeminfo folder showing if turned on and connected to computer. i placed the fw in the root and ejected and let it be for a while but the opz mounts itself to the computer showing the root

I’m sorry to hear that. Here’s how you do a factory reset:

i got it to boot again by removing and inserting the battery! i dont know what led to this issue and by holding screen it shows full battery! due to usb charge on/off? i don’t even see how to tell if charge is on or off

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Good for you man, glad to hear it!