Parameter 1 and 2 for user loaded Synth Samples

What do P1 and P2 do for a user loaded or recorded sample?
It seems like P1 is like a Drive or something, but P2 doesn’t seem to do anything. Any ideas?


That’s what the manual says on the last pages, although „pitch“ is definitely not what it sounds like.

Yep I agree. To clarify I’m also talking about when you have that synth track selected, not while in sampler mode.
Would be nice if you could modify what effect was routed to p1 and p2 for a user sample.

i would love to see the pitch function on synth tracks aswell not just by changing octaves or better a time stretch function just for the Synth.

except of the octatrack this has never been the case with Hardware right?

please TE

„pitch“ is definitely not what it sounds like.

Yeah, it definitely sounds like some kind of effect and not a pitch mod.