Parameters for the Sound/Note LFO destination

Trying to work out which parameters are controlled by the Sound/Note destination for the LFO. I’ve worked out volume and pitch - how about the others?

Green is pitch and white is volume? What is blue & orange?

Tried to add a picture of the Element LFO screen… I guess it didn’t upload.

From memory I think three of the destinations are variations on volume.
I remember using element with G as the source. Easier to gage polarity and depth effects this way by tilting the Op-1.
Not sure if it’s different to the Value lfo.
Haven’t played mine a while, sorry I can’t be more specific.

I just re-read and removed my answer ’cos I’d misunderstood your question.

Blue and orange seem to affect the volume but more subtley than white. Blue seems to include some kind of noise/random modulation.

It’s a mystery.