Passive mixer advice


I’m about to expand my setup from my humble OP-Z (plus korg nts-1 for effects) and probably get a microfreak.

I don’t have a proper mixer and was thinking to get a little passive mixer to blend the OP-Z and microfreak so they can start playing together.

I’ve seen the myVolts Mixcker:

Does anyone recommend anything else?

I’ll probably get a bigger mixer in the future, assuming I get some more gear but want something cheap and small for the short term.

Thanks for the help

The myVolts looks good, and they’re a good brand.

I have one of the Rolls passive mixers, and other than the sliders being fiddly for real-time work, it’s fine. Rolls MX41b Four Channel Mixer: Musical Instruments

Thanks. Well then I’ll give it a go…

personally i’m not a huge fan of the volume drop u get with passive mixers
but certainly useable

i would just use hte input on your Z to blend the two together

Ok thanks for the tip.

I’ll see how the passive mixer sounds when it all arrives. Then I can work out how to get audio back into the op-z (which I’ve heard of but don’t understand how to do yet).

This passive one work great{campaignId}&ad_cid=5d75c469a28c25738e73766a&ad_cc=FR&ad_lang=FR&ad_curr=EUR&ad_price=31.00&campaign_id=8701434442&retargeting=true&gclid=Cj0KCQiAzZL-BRDnARIsAPCJs70Exv_Dolmc2MQx1T4C1jjE6XEZgLvp4AJ9KDq_44P-OiIxwsEMjhEaAqfgEALw_wcB&hide_login_modal=true&share=mobileweb

It all arrived yesterday and just got the mixer plugged in. It really is vey quiet. I think I’d need an amp to hear anything. Or maybe just a powered mini mixer.

Now I just need to figure out how to connect my OP-Z to the MicroFreak over USB…

Any luck lol I am also amtrying to find the best method. Is it a dumb idea if I have an audio interface to go from headphones out to line-in on OP-1?