Patch corrupted

Hi guys -

Hoping someone can help.
There is a ClusterTW patch called String time that I use a lot but for some reason mine has become corrupted (when I try to play t I just get the dreaded “OP1 patch” message).

I don’t want to do a factory reset as I have other patches and samples that I don’t want to lose (I have no means of backing up at the moment).

Would someone be kind enough to post the settings for this particular patch please so that I can recreate it.

I would really really appreciate it - many thanks

Cheers all

dis one?


Okay so I am confused. I thought ‘String time’ was one of the standard (i.e. preloaded) patches.

Maybe I downloaded it from somewhere at some point.

So my next question is:
Assuming that is the one I need can I download it and replace my corrupted version?

Sorry for the newbie question but it’s ages since I used my OP1 and I’ve gotten rusty :frowning:

Actually I have worked it out.

Many thanks for the help - much appreciated.