Patch Randomizer - adding DSynth?

Title says it all - would it be easy to add DSynth to the patch randomizer?

Hrál jsem s ním recently.Sound z “Orb a KLF” příliš snadno vytvořeny pomocí CWO :))) hodně zábavy.

someone will have to get the min and max parameter values to @punji using two patches; one with all knobs fully left, one with all knobs fully right. Then load them into a hex editor program to find the values

What patch randomizer is this?

What patch randomizer is this?

@ghostly606 -

Fairly easy to understand, but if you have questions I’m sure someone here can help answer them.

Wow, that is even better than I thought it would be, thanks!

I think I got all the min/max values a long time ago, but I was not able to compile a new version due to an App Engine version change. I will have to update my development environment and try again…

Ok, I have DSYNTH available at the following alternate location:

You need to use the “Switch Mode” button to select it. Please let me know of any issues. I will update the original location when it gets stable.
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thank you @punji !!!

“speak of the devil” lol

OMG - that’s awesome. Thanks!

@punji : This is wonderful!

Could you make another mode for DBOX that randomizes every key?

^ Yes, I looked into that a while ago, but it will take some code restructuring to implement, since currently each patch gets a single set of random values.

I would probably add an option to allow choosing either way, but the key scales would be the same regardless (i.e., not random).

hey @punji, endless thanks for writing the randomizer! this is an unbelievable tool that vastly expands the op-1’s usefulness. is there any way your program can be downloaded as an alternative to having to go online to use it?

@nicksarazen Thanks, nice to know that people find it useful! Unfortunately what you ask is not possible unless the user interface is re-implementing using some Java GUI framework, like Swing. The online version is based on JSF, which is a server side only technology…

Would still love to have Dbox randomize per key! Been a minute since I generated some random patches. Going to have some fun with some randomness right about now. Thanks again for this awesome app,

@punji makes total sense! no worries at all, the online interface is perfect. only reason I asked was because I don’t want the randomizer to somehow go down someday! it’s too valuable to lose! :slight_smile:

@punji it's too valuable to lose! :)

no doubt. I should just generate like 100,000 patches one day jic and keep em backed up.

@virtual_flannel been thinking about doing the same!

It’s a shame that the randomiser LFO thing doesn’t have a hold mode. So it will stay at it’s current setting when you turn it off. I always hear lovely sounds in amongst the hubbub and wish I could have caught them…