Pattern chains and step component (triggernspark)


I have problems getting my head around the trigger spark and multiple patterns chained. Is the counter global? I.e. I chain two patterns, then the second pattern will be on count 2,4, 6 etc? I used the trigger spark with on every third step but it won‘t trigger on count 6.

What am I missing here?


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Hi there, are you talking about one track (like the lead track) with a variation that is triggered every 2 and a step component spark triggered every 3?

I have two patterns. And on one pattern on the kick track I used only the trigger spark, set to trigger one step every third time. I am basicially trying to understand the behaviour of the op-z. But as soon as I play the patterns chained together, the step never triggers.

It works fine if I just play the one pattern on itself.

When you go to the next pattern do you press play then the pattern or do you just hit the pattern? I think it resets the trigger count if you press play then the pattern but I think it’s global if you just press the pattern…I’ll have to test.

I tested it, the behaviour is just as the OP described. When staying in just one pattern, the trigger sparks are doing their job, but when chaining two patterns, the counter seems to be reset.

The issue branches off to the wider topic of “song mode”, in my opinion. With song mode I mean the possibility to chain sequencer information while keeping the instruments fixed, and, in the current case, also the spark information.

For instance, I would like to sequence a longer piece that goes beyong the usual 4 bar percussive loop. For now, that does not seem to be possible without also copying the instrument information to the new pattern (did not try that, because it is too cumbersome). It would be just more convenient to have something like an “instrument kit” which stays invariant across patterns. The counter could then be reset at the end of the chained sequences, but also other approaches are imaginable, such as chain groups.

The thing with song mode is that one could realize more complex and interesting melodic compositions quite effectively. Not sure if there is a market for this, but, personally, I would find it more convenient for sequencing even simple songs that are longer than just one pattern.

Thanks for your input!

I‘ll post this issue on the teeneage engineering support forum and come back with any insigth gathered.