PCPベロア | Sammyjams Remix Tape >>>> FREE DOWNLOAD

Check it out, all beats are OP-1. If you follow me you you probably recognize some. Free download… enjoy!


tite tite man, especially digging that Big L remix!

@virtual_flannel thanks homie! Glad you enjoy!

Bump :slight_smile:


Lol! Thanks homie!


I’m going to pull this down soon before I get 2 more strikes… last chance to DL!


Awesome stuff again! Do you have any tutorials on your sampling workflow? When I sample with the OP-1 I can’t seem to get my chops or sampling to sound anything similar to the type of stuff you get from say slicing in ableton or MPC.

Nice stuff man. Thanks for sharing!! Always the finest from Mr. Jams.

Ended up working well into the night on tight deadlines, your tunes have got helped me through it, great stuff!

Thanks guys! Tracks are now offlline : (

@marlonade this vid is pretty old, but you may find some useful info! https://youtu.be/5KrKp-jw-dY