Peeps near LA GAS yourselves Saturday

Analogue Haven is having a ModularFest of sorts. 4-9pm

here is the flyer

Looks really fun, I can’t click on the pic btw.

Can click the pic, but it doesn’t open up a bigger one.

weird it is for me…

Can click, but it doesn’t open enlarged. A forum rights thing?

I have Admin rights, @Sparky. Hmm.

we will figure it out…

what are your browsers?

Safari and Chrome. And Opera.

upload and image? let me see what I see?

Ipad currently (safari)…I’ll try some others tomorrow.

How was the fest dimi? Any pics? I’ve been in Little Tokyo all weekend.

Meh! Love the elektron guys, hung out for a few hours but could been better. Not them not me but the vibe was slow.

I fixed it, @Dimi3 :smiley: There were a couple permission settings for the ‘Members’ group that needed to be checked off, upload and download.

Ipad Safari pic test:

Results: Landscape thumbnails that show portrait style when clicked on. Is that what you guys see?